Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr J Parkinson
Deputy Headteacher Miss N Deane
Assistant Headteacher Mrs C Hughes
Assistant Headteacher Mrs M Winter
Associate Assistant Headteacher Mr J Shuttleworth
Teachers (Early Years Foundation Stage)
Butterflies Mrs N Maguire
Reception Mrs F Morgan / Mrs M Winter & Mrs N Maguire
Nursery Mrs J Haines
Nursery Nurse
Mrs R Jackson
Teachers (Key Stage 1)
Year 1 Mrs C Brown
Years 1 and 2 Miss R Gilby
Year 2 Miss E Rowley
KS1 SEN Teacher Miss K Ball
Teachers (Key Stage 2)
Year 3 Miss L Middleditch
Years 3 and 4 Mrs D Kahler
Year 4 Mrs L Westerman & Mrs C Hughes
Year 5 Miss A Scholes & Mr J Shuttleworth
Years 5 and 6 Mr R Beevers
Year 6 Mr C McMahon
Pastoral and Intervention Team
Learning Mentor and Attendance Officer Mrs H Dancey
Learning Mentor, Nurture Leader and Behaviour Support Mrs N Gorner
Special Educational Needs Assistants
Mrs S Cooper-Smart
Miss E Spedding
Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs L Parker
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs N Jackson
Learning Support Assistant (EYFS) Mrs C Murray
Learning Support Assistant (EYFS) Mrs Z Ward
Learning Support Assistant (KS1) Miss K Smith
Learning Support Assistant (KS1) Mrs C Harper
Learning Support Assistant (KS1) Mrs S Cooper-Smart
Learning Support Assistant (KS2) Miss E Alsopp
Learning Support Assistant (KS2) Miss A Wilson
Learning Support Assistant (UKS2) Miss A Murray
Learning Support Assistant (UKS2) Miss E Spedding
Learning Support Assistant (UKS2) Miss N Thorpe
Breakfast Club Supervisors
Mrs S Morgan Mrs S Bradshaw
Lunchtime Supervisors
Miss J Kidd Mrs G Hanson
Mrs L Scott Miss K Amos
Mrs J Patrick Miss S Morgan
Miss K Hopkins Mrs R Petrie
Mrs T Rider Miss E Harris
Administration Team
Office Manager Mrs L Jefferson
Admin Assistant Miss K Swannell
Premises Team
Premises Supervisor Mrs A White
Cleaning Assistant Mrs A Hepworth
Cleaning Assistant Mrs P Walker
Cleaning Assistant Mrs L Grainger
Cleaning Assistant Miss Z Shelton
Catering Team
Kitchen Manager Mrs S Viles
Kitchen Assistant Mrs N Cunningham
Kitchen Assistant Mrs V Kelly
Kitchen Assistant Mrs S Byles
Kitchen Assistant Mrs K Wood