Personal Development

Widening Horizons

At De Lacy, our motto is to Widen Horizons and this is the centre of our approach to our children’s personal development.

Our broad and ambitious curriculum ensures that children learn about appropriate relationships, both in the real world and online. Throughout the curriculum, children learn to be tolerant and respectful of people who are different to us – whether that be due to their religion or belief, their sexual orientation, their gender identity, their race, their disability or any other protected characteristic someone may have. Similarly, children understand the importance of British Values, which are woven throughout our curriculum and wider school life.

Children expand their knowledge about the world through Lyfta: an online, immersive platform in which children are transported to a location on Earth and experience an individual’s life. This happens weekly in our story world sessions and is woven throughout the curriculum. Lyfta enhances children’s understanding of different faiths, cultures and lifestyles, developing tolerance and respect for our diverse world.

To develop children’s aspirations, Future Fridays happens once a month at De Lacy. This involves a visitor attending De Lacy (either in person or virtually) and explaining their job; the education and training they required to get the job; the knowledge they need to be able to do their job effectively; and the wider skills they use on a daily basis in their role. Already, we have had visits from a software engineer in America, a pilot, a submarine engineer, a project manager in London and a local solicitor. To further develop children’s life skills, enabling them to be effective citizens, Key Stage 2 complete Junior Dukes challenges. These involve developing children’s wider skillset beyond the academic. For example, first aid training, enabling the children to be able to administer basic first aid; developing children’s time management and organisational skills through planning a trip; developing children’s cooking skills through making a range of recipes; and developing confidence when speaking through performing a familiar story to an audience.

We believe that children need to understand and be able to make good money choices to have successful lives. We invite MyBnk to work with our children to undertake financial management workshops to develop these vital skills with our pupils. Children learn how delayed gratification will enable them to make bigger, more satisfying purchases; they learn about budgeting and the impact of spending (or saving!) within your budget; and they learn about interest rates in both borrowing and saving and the impact this has when going to the bank.

We want our pupils to live healthy lifestyles and promote this throughout school life. This is woven throughout the curriculum, in lessons such as Science, PSHE and PE, but also through sessions with Classroom Kitchen, in which the children create recipes linked to their learning. Children cook balanced meals, ensuring they have appropriate amounts of each food type from the Eat Well Plate. These sessions also involve foods from other cultures, further deepening children's understanding of different people. To keep our bodies moving, children take part in a range of sporting activities in school and then apply these skills when taking part in sporting competitions! We encourage children to try their best in every contest but develop good sportsmanship no matter the outcome. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities at De Lacy, driven by the children’s interests. These vary from Lego club, to wall climbing club, to computing club, to dodgeball club! As well as this, we welcome professional table tennis, rugby, martial arts and tennis coaches into school to provide our pupils with opportunities to develop their sporting abilities and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

At De Lacy, we ensure our children take part in 50 experiences before they leave our school. These experiences both enhance our curriculum and go beyond it, to ensure De Lacy pupils can experience and achieve a range of knowledge and skills to further develop them as individuals. We want to ensure that whilst at De Lacy, our pupils gain that awe and wonder from their primary education and be able to speak vividly of what they learn and the experiences they have had.