Subject: Reading

Learning to read fluently, to write confidently and to express oneself well orally are essential skills that underpin all other learning. At De Lacy Primary School, we believe that the basic skills are our children’s passport for future job and training prospects. This is reflected in the time that we devote to developing language skills, the funding that we have invested into resources, the priority that we give to support for underachievement in language and literacy development, the encouragement that we give to children to practise reading at home and the training provided for all staff in developing confident and fluent readers.

Throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, we use Read Write Inc (RWInc) for our phonics teaching. RWInc is a phonics literacy programme which helps children learn to read fluently and at speed so that they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.

Reading opens the door to learning. Our approach, beginning right from the Early Years, gives children the skills and confidence to engage fully in our wider curriculum. Children are then supported throughout the RWInc programme to become confident and fluent readers. After completing the programme, children are supported fully in accessing our wide and varied reading curriculum, building both lifelong skills and giving them a solid basis to develop their comprehension skills.

Children are first introduced to letter sounds during RWInc sessions in Nursery, where they begin to learn pure sounds. The formal teaching of RWInc begins in Reception.

When children enter Year 1, RWInc is taught daily to pupils, from 9.15am until 9.45am. Due to all of our staff being highly trained in all RWInc strategies, we are able to deliver our sessions in small groups. This means that all children are taught based on their abilities and individual areas of development can be addressed daily. Assessment continues half termly, with all children being assessed on a one to one basis by the reading leader. Further information about the RWInc programme can be found here.

Parents and carers are encouraged to check their children’s book bags when they arrive home from school. The books that the children take home have been carefully selected to reinforce the sounds that they know in order to develop fluency.

Parents and carers are also encouraged to discuss the RWInc phonics programme in depth with staff in school. Updates will be provided regularly via school newsletters and social media, including further RWInc parents’ meetings.

Our Reading Strategy can be found here.