Subject: Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education (RE) aims:

  • To develop an understanding and respect for the beliefs, values and practices of other people.
  • To help pupils reflect on, and respond to, the cultural similarities and differences of different religious philosophies.
  • To enable pupils to develop their own insights and to challenge stereotypes.

RE is a curriculum entitlement for all children. The school follows the Wakefield agreed RE syllabus. RE does not seek to compromise the integrity of their children’s’ own beliefs by promoting one religion over another. We promote respect for people of all faiths (and those of no faith) and lifestyles. The curriculum ensures children appreciate the intrinsic values of belief systems and teaches them the importance of uniqueness and tolerance in our multicultural society. We are proud that our children volunteer in the local community, raise money for charity and support our local community as part of their RE and PSHE development.