Subject: Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

We believe that learning a foreign language provides an opportunity to enhance children’s phonics skills and appreciate the idiosyncrasies of other cultures. In addition, a high-quality language education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world around them. In MFL lessons, pupils are encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing. Language teaching provides the foundation for learning further languages and develops the platform for the children’s transition to secondary school. At De Lacy, our children learn Spanish. Spanish lessons are sequenced with the support of our local secondary schools who offer masterclasses and cultural events. Children initially learn basic greetings and vocabulary about their family. In Years 5 and 6 learning progresses to extended conversation, scenario-based learning and an increased repertoire of decoding and comprehension skills.