Subject: Maths

At De Lacy, we want all children to be confident in using the basics maths of everyday life. Every year group begins by ensuring children understand place value as we believe it is essential for success. They use this knowledge as a foundation for all other mathematical concept development. We encourage pupils to think deeply, try out a range of strategies and develop accurate use of mathematical vocabulary. The school uses the White Rose planning as a base for all mathematical teaching.

We focus our activities with the mastery style of questioning and lessons always include an element of challenge for our children. We use the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to teaching Maths, ensuring children are fully secure on concepts before moving on. We encourage our children to see unsuccessful attempts as opportunities, so they are not held back by the fear of getting something wrong. Children are targeted through carefully planned interventions each half-term to make rapid progress. In Key Stage 2, children access TTRockstars morning club before school and are expected to develop their times tables knowledge at home.